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Due to major changes to the Tokyo Powder website, this blog is now dedicated to the KONA RADIO. I really wanted to change the address to, but it would have been too difficult to link the existing data, so I had to compromise.

From now on, we will only post updates of KONA RADIO episodes on this blog. For other announcements, etc., please visit our new website or click on “NEWS” in the upper right corner of this blog.

I messed around last night and I’m not sure if all the past podcasts can be heard properly. If you notice anything, please DM me on twitter,

Although there has been a long gap in KONA RADIO since Covid-19, we will continue to work as if we were crawling on the ground, so please keep up the good work. Thank you for your continued support. (Mitsuo)

Development Nutrition

Since last year, Tokyo Powdered Foods has been developing a nutritional food product mainly based on protein, which is scheduled to be released this spring or summer. You may be thinking Why?, but we have our own reasons and thoughts, which we have learned from our own failures.

Importance of Protein

“My nails break easily,” “I’m the type of person who has trouble building muscle…” When my skins split, it takes a long time to heal.” “I can do the moves, but I don’t feel like I’m getting stronger…”
I am sure you have heard these conversations or can think of your own experiences. In many cases, these are signs of protein deficiency.

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Thank you for your patience.
We have decided to re-release the Garage and High Garage due to many climbers’ requests. Shipment will start around March 5th.

It has been about a year and a half since we stopped selling it.
It has been a long and hard road, but we were able to change the ingredients and manufacturing process to improve the friction effect and make it last even longer than the original model.


The original model of the High Garage was defective due to a large amount of water separating from the surface, but when the water separation was removed, the unique texture was lost, which was a very annoying problem.

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Support for affected climbers by Hagibis typhoon

Fortunately, Tokyo Powder headquarter and employee’s houses did not suffer major damage, but we also heard stories about the collapse of the bridge in climbing area, some climbing gyms flooded.

We will support.

Providing products free of charge to gyms, climbers, and groups that have been damaged by floods and submersion and blackout.
It does not matter if the store has no business with us. You can feel free to contact me, If it like “Yey, I’m lucky.” Please feel free to contact us.

We have a limited amount of things we can do, but we would like to support with you. Please let us know if there is anything that we can provide, not only chalk. / 042-507-9010

New BLACK Large Pack used recycled PET material

The BLACK LARGE pack has been changed to a package using recycled PET materials.

The goal of increasing the bottle reuse rate remains the same. However, the reality is that pack products are sold more. While making bottle reuse the primary goal, we must reduce the damage that can be done to the package as naturally as possible.

black large

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Two and a half years since the launch of BOOST. In no time, the genre of chalk groundwork has become commonplace. There are many ways to use it. I feared over-drying of BOOST, and the expiration date was 1 week in a vacuum pack. However, people who use it after drying, those who spray REACT in the pack, those who use it as a paste mixed with water A lot of feedback has arrived, and I am surprised every day by the climber’s inquisitiveness to friction.

Suggested retail price 2,800 yen (excluding tax)
Reuse promotion campaign discount in progress

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Introducing recycled PET packages

One month has passed since our bottle reuse program started. Although we have yet to collect enough products to be released, we are confident that we will be able to create a sustainable cycle in the long run with the support of our stores.

From around August this year, we also have decided to switch all our packed products to include recycled content. We are currently conducting a final selection of materials with suppliers who possess the best technology to make this happen.

If all goes well, we will start using these in mid-August to early September.
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Support for the Japanese athlete participating in the Paraclimbing

I have spoken directly with people on social media, podcasts and others, but no matter how much I criticize this matter, the situation doesn’t change.

Our athlete had the intention to participate in the World Championships, but due to a quick change in venue and schedule, it was becoming complicated.

I decided to provide direct financial support, after reading a post from the Paraclimbing Association of Japan on its Facebook page.

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