54: VXi for Beginner (SIN)

Kona Radio with @SIN510 from Unpallarel.
We talked about massages from listeners. The theme is “What is the most memorable things in your climbing life”.
We were optimistic to hear them. Thank you for giving us these great messages.

53: 2019 final episode with (Mansaku, Oya)

2019 final episode with Mansaku and Oya.
We read many interesting messages from listeners.

Today is Christmas day. Did Santa come to your house?

It is a valuable day for children to receive a gift unconditionally.
Although I (Mitsuo) has a skepticism of it, but I decided to give a present as a little compromise when my child was young.

However, when I buy wrapping paper, wrap the gift box myself and put a ribbon, it feels like my heart is warming.
And… I feel something when I took this home and prepared it for the next morning.
I noticed it. Christmas is not an event for those who receive gifts, but an event for those who give them.

Anyway, Thank you so much everyone. Happy holidays! – Mitsuo