45-2: Game a miracle beyond time and space (Tak)

KONA RADIO / Episode 45-2 with Tak
LANGUEGE: Japanese

This is the second half of the radio that invited Kiori-san from Crux Osaka. We talked about the charm of climbing connected with ‘climbing style’ in the closed room of a hotel that stayed at midnight. It was a wonderful time to re-recognize the depth and breadth of the game of climbing.

45-1: Not difficult to tell the climbing style (Tak)

KONA RADIO / Episode 45-1 with Tak
LANGUEGE: Japanese

From ‘Crux’ who was also a leading climber in bouldering movement with famous climbing makers such as pusher, Teknik, Moon, etc. The episode is starting from the exhibition, the bouldering movement took the place 2-30 years ago, from the story of the American West Coast, about bouldering culture and style.

The picture from MOON BOARD MASTERS