Live Through Tee

“Live Through Tee” has been released.

A gym owner encouraged us to work on our environment, and at that time he suggested that we make a “Live Through Climbing” T-shirt written on cardboard with an organic cotton body. Became a commercial product.

“Live Through Climbing” is a slogan from 2012 when we started thinking about environmental initiatives.
The complexity and difficulty of environmental problems is like a single line that stands out, and we strive for and complete our own goals, realize more difficult goals, and realize the importance of the “process”.
No matter how difficult it is, if you compare it to climbing, you will feel like you can overcome it.

We have never put CLIMBING letters on T-shirts. After worries, I made white prints only for Climbing.
I think this is just the right philosophical claim.

I put TOKYO POWDER on the back right shoulder.

I ordered a variety of organic cotton and tried it, and the body that arrived last was outstanding. It is a 4.3oz 100% organic cotton T-shirt that is organic cotton and resistant to expansion and contraction. It is tight but has a good shape and a smart feeling.

The factory manager is also a favorite. I wear a size L.