Thank you for your patience.
We have decided to re-release the Garage and High Garage due to many climbers’ requests. Shipment will start around March 5th.

It has been about a year and a half since we stopped selling it.
It has been a long and hard road, but we were able to change the ingredients and manufacturing process to improve the friction effect and make it last even longer than the original model.


The original model of the High Garage was defective due to a large amount of water separating from the surface, but when the water separation was removed, the unique texture was lost, which was a very annoying problem.

We have done a lot of research since then and have found that we can reduce the water separation. It is not 100%, but it is optimal and in the best quantity.

One very interesting aspect of this is that we have found that if you discard the water before using it, the friction feeling may increase. The balance is just right for both of these to coexist.


That’s why we added a note on the back asking people to mix or discard the water before using it.

Users with dry hands tend to continue to get a good feel by using the water mixture. On the other hand, users with sweaty hands tend to get more friction if they use it without water. Taking this tendency into account, it is also a different way to play with chalk to discover how to use it in a way that suits you by trying various things.


Getting chalk off your fingertips is not a bad thing. It is a necessary thing to create friction. However, HIGH GARAGE / GARAGE forms a strong adhesive film that lasts for a long time without reapplying the base coat. Thanks to this, the effect of instant chalk-up is excellent works. Climbers who are having trouble losing chalk only on their fingertips should definitely try this product.

The new Garage / High Garage liquid chalk is different from ordinary liquid chalk, and can be a powerful weapon when it fits your usage. Please give it a try