New BLACK Large Pack used recycled PET material

The BLACK LARGE pack has been changed to a package using recycled PET materials.

The goal of increasing the bottle reuse rate remains the same. However, the reality is that pack products are sold more. While making bottle reuse the primary goal, we must reduce the damage that can be done to the package as naturally as possible.

black large

The new BLACK LARGE eliminates the aluminum vapor deposition film that cannot use recycled materials, making it a transparent film.
The luster and luxury of aluminum are gone, but the weight of the package is lighter and moisture permeability is improved. While using recycled materials, keep the product status for a longer period of time.

This package has a three-layer structure of antistatic linear low density polyethylene, stretched nylon, and recycled PET *. Polyethylene and nylon are not recycled materials. The film introduced this time has a higher polyethylene ratio because priority is given to humidity resistance and strength.
* Uses mechanically recycled PET with low environmental impact (used PET bottles are raw materials)

In the future, while conducting further durability tests, we will develop packages that maximize the use of recycled materials as technology advances, and at the same time we will focus on popularizing reuse programs.

Specification change

  1. Weight is 20% lighter.
  2. Large-size air vent valve is gone along with the material change, and it changes from degassing after manufacturing to degassing during manufacturing.
  3. The BLACK package changes from aluminum vapor deposition to PET / nylon material, so the aluminum ground becomes transparent.
  4. There is no change in product performance, capacity, or price.

Please refer to the past news about the introduction process.
Notice of introduction of recycled PET package