56: For forearm muscles (Shuhei Yuki)

We take Kona radio with YukiShuhei who is the paraclimbing representative from Japan, Talk with Oya and Hakase. Starting with the COVID-19, Selection of Paraclimbing Japan National Team, Categorization, and how to spend time in the gym, etc.

You can find videos that he practice at MABOO on his Instagram. If he achieve 1000 followers, he is going to bungee jump with our factory manager.


55: Great Metolius Blue Ribbon (Nerome)

Episode 55 with Nerome who is a local climber in Yamanashi. I was getting that request to talk about climbing holds, so We talked about Hold while reading letters from the Grappa question box.
And then, bottle reuse, health, fail 2020, closed areas, movies and Si-Fi.
Thank you for the grappa customers who always give me a hot letter.

(This time, the beginning and ending talk with Mansaku and Oya is closed. Mansaku is going to climb to Spain.)

Grappa Bouldering Gym

Grappa Bouldering Gym