60: Matterhorn for the rest of your life(Ogawa/hoa-hoa.)

We were going to take podcast another episode with Mr. Ogawa who is owner of bouldering gym Hoa-Hoa in Fukuoka, and rep of La Sportiva, to tell us a lot of behind-the-scenes stories about La Sportiva that everyone would have been interested in, but most of them turned out to be small silly talk (much more interested…). I’m happy to have a really good friend. I’ll talk about shoes properly next time hehehe.

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58:The New Business Model For Gym (SIN)

New episode with @SIN510 from Unpallarel.
We talked about telecommuting, Kagoshima, chalk with budges, walks, WEB drinking, gym business in the Corona era, Shin-Godzilla, Redbull TV, and more.

It was a meeting to enjoy the remote by talking about positive topics and trivial things, but it ended up being mostly about Corona.

— This episode is only Japanese.

57: Mic,mic,mic (Mansaku, Oya)

Our factory manager, who has been under self keeping at home for over two weeks, is our guest to talk about France, Italy and coronaviruses. The listeners is sending a lot of questions about his isolation. It became a chilling. The most funny part of the story is when Mansaku sells Tokyo Powder at a local outdoor shop.

Until the lock down comes, We’re going to work hard at making powder.