Support for affected climbers by Hagibis typhoon

Fortunately, Tokyo Powder headquarter and employee’s houses did not suffer major damage, but we also heard stories about the collapse of the bridge in climbing area, some climbing gyms flooded.

We will support.

Providing products free of charge to gyms, climbers, and groups that have been damaged by floods and submersion and blackout.
It does not matter if the store has no business with us. You can feel free to contact me, If it like “Yey, I’m lucky.” Please feel free to contact us.

We have a limited amount of things we can do, but we would like to support with you. Please let us know if there is anything that we can provide, not only chalk. / 042-507-9010

New BLACK Large Pack used recycled PET material

The BLACK LARGE pack has been changed to a package using recycled PET materials.

The goal of increasing the bottle reuse rate remains the same. However, the reality is that pack products are sold more. While making bottle reuse the primary goal, we must reduce the damage that can be done to the package as naturally as possible.

black large

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