79: Highly Conscious Followers (@tajippei)

This is Ep. 79 of KONA Radio with Mr. Tajima (@tajippei), owner of a well-established climbing gym in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture and a researcher for Tokyo Powder.

Tajippei, who only climbs rocks, and Hakase, who stays in the office and takes care of his hobbies by the minute, were afraid that we hadn’t gained any interesting stories to talk about since last year, so we asked our followers on Twitter for some questions.

The question was very general: “What is the good problem?” The question was very vague, but we received many interesting answers and it turned out to be a very rich episode.

As announced at the end of the episode, We choose the most memorable answer and present a special sticker from Powder Radio. (We will contact you later)

Anyway, Tajima’s climbing gym, Joywall, is located in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. He offers route sets that are a culmination of his experience, precise instruction, the times when I felt so relaxed that I talked about things I didn’t feel comfortable saying, and the wonderful experience with the times when I received serious praise and had my nose stretched high in the air, and wonderful experiences when I got carried away and tried a difficult task that nearly broke my heart.

This is a wonderful experience. Please visit and climb.

Joywall – kurume.joywallclimbing.com