78: Be Proactive And Be On Guard (SIN)

We welcomed @SIN_UNPARALLEL, who is involved in shoe development at UNPARALLEL (US), the company that brought you such great shoes as Flagship and VIM, to talk about what happened to the climbing scene in 2021.

Show note

  • What Happened in 2021
  • Read the Tweet
  • The benefits of accumulation
  • The first Rock Beans
  • KINAN Climbers Rock Perty 2021
  • Flagship
  • Skills and knowledge to be able to choose for yourself
  • Exhibition and NEW shoes
  • Time for a change of direction
  • Taking a purepioneer climber to Mitake
  • Watching “Top of the Top” competition

UNPARALLEL https://www.caravan-web.com/special_unparallel/