63: Climb here, Pay for it (@koh_shiozaki)

We welcomed Koichi Shiozaki, owner of PONGO CLIMBING GYM in Shanghai, China, who now lives in Colorado, to talk about outdoor climbing and gyms in China and U.S., Rolfing, breaking both legs, Bukatsudo, and more in this show.

*Kyosuke Wakaiya, Koh Shiozaki and Shogo Murooka at PONGO climbing gym.

What we talk about

– COVID-19 in Shanghai and Colorado
– Why did you start a gym in Shanghai?
– Beginning of PONGO
– ENTRE PRISES / Gecko King
– Rolfing
– I can’t go back to China because of the COVID-19.
– Both legs broken in Colorado.
– How to read Chinese place name.
桂林 / Yangshuo / Moon hill
Getu valley
– 昆明 / Kunming
– Bukatsudo for staff and beyond
– Human Resources at PONGO
– Climbing Gym in U.S.

*The static electricity from my mask causes buzzing noises and it’s hard to get rid of them even after editing. It was hard to hear. I am very sorry.