64: Winter is Coming, Fuyu No Yubi (SIN510)

A new episode of the podcast with Shin Tachibanazono from Unpallarel and Mitsuo Yamamoto from Tokyopowder.
This is the first episode of the podcast with SIN510 since the state of emergency was lifted. That’s why Mitsuo is very talkative. While talking about rock, skin, shoes, gyms, basic climbing, etc., And I’ve read the questions and more from twitter.

Show note

・Current situation
Garage / High Garage
・recommend cooking
・Climber as like continuity is a powerful thing.
・The No. 1 route I’ve climbed in the past
In Tokyo!
・Share the private story
・Writing skill
Skin Checker
・Two types of slippery hands
・Gym to improve and grow
・A cozy gym
CLIBING FORM Quiz from Rockbeans
To Make Perfect Fried Rice
・Difficulty and sensitivity to practice
・Make standard in your climbing and the difficulty of accepting it
Go Rockbeans
・Unpallarel commercial in KONA radio

Qestions from Twitter

・Thumb points on the toes(さらにさらち)
・Winter Finger(zatty)
・Stuck in a swamp and I’m falling(へでぽん)
・How to use flat-type shoes(ゴリラ)
・The base of the thumb hurts(ボルダリングおじさん)
・Okinawan music and love for their homeland(サモハン)
・The origin of the Unparallel brand name(ヅッカーT)
・Children’s Climbing Shoes(Tajippei)
・Choosing Chalk for Salty Rocks(平野)
・Came to Toyama to see you in a harness(さりちる)
・A Conversation with the People of Shoe Brands(ぐっちょん)
・What you started doing during Corona.(渡辺)
ランボー / UPROAD / GOT / この世界の片隅で / DEFENDING JAPAN
・Is it OK to dig the groundwork and not to bury it?(さわっち)
・What is a clear sales phrase for Garage and High Garage?(Orikasa)