SUSTAINABILITY: CO2 emissions in 2018

I created a page about sustainability under the page “SUSTAINABILITY”

We have summarized the estimates and reports for 2018, our fifth year compiling this data.

Although the calculation of 2017 is listed – these are not exact due to inventory and other reasons. Some of the raw materials have been carried over from 2017, and the capital goods purchases in 2017 were large but amounting to 14% lower than the increase in fuel. In the future, there may be some variation in the calculation, but it can be said that the number of ongoing activities after deducting capital goods is higher than last year.

In Japan and internationally we are making more shipments, leading to an increase in emissions from transportation and packaging materials, which are also being discarded at a higher rate.

If you compare the gasoline cost for 2018, there is also an increased amount. I feel it is important to use a car with better fuel efficiency when I’m not transporting goods. Combined with commuting expenses, it accounts for a total of 58% emissions generated by the company. Although this is not entirely a problem, there is still potential to reduce it.

The best way to reduce it would be to reduce the consumption of gasoline, by reducing sales and production, commute across the mountain by bicycle or switch to a more fuel-efficient used car. Fundamentally, we will work towards changing the packaging material used.

I would like to calculate the final emissions data again in August this year.