77: DOkuganryu Radio

I’m going to borrow the sound source of the episode where Hakase was invited as a guest on a friend’s channel, and broadcast it exactly as it was.

We were invited to a podcast called “Dokuganryu Channel,” which is run by a person who is very closely related to our company, and the factory manager and landlord have also appeared on it in the past.

As you may know, KONA Radio has been very popular among listeners for its refreshing and soothing commercials, and the creator of these commercials is the famous MC of this podcast, Dokuganryu Masakazu.

Actually, the other day I appeared on a youtube channel of a national research institute ‘JAPAN AGENCY FOR MARINE-EARTH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY’, and the content was very interesting, so I talked about a lot of things.

Next episode is the end of the year episode. In the next episode, I’ll be chatting with Unparallel’s Tachibanazono-san about the year in review, so please look forward to that as well.