74: Work hard for the online game. (Grappa)

This episode’s guest was Mr. Neji Mei of Grappa, whom I hadn’t seen since the end of last year.
We talked about what’s been going on in our lives, games, masks, lack of exercise, and other ideas for the gym. We also spent some time talking about various stuff we got from Twitter and reading letters from Grappa customers.


  • The recent situation of Tokyo Powder
  • Nero’s climbing school
  • New ideas for gym sales
  • Laughing is important
  • Minecraft
  • Game Center
  • Money and Ideas

From Twitter (something you should do before you reach your 30s and 40s)

From Grappa Customers

  • Dieting – 16 hour fasting
  • The product that was the most difficult to develop
  • What my brother is up to
  • Improved Effect
  • How to make the “hand state” for the chalk
  • Products under development
  • Grappa’s infection prevention
  • How to loosen the restrictions
  • Exploring ways to avoid wearing a mask in climbing
  • Lack of exercise
  • Shojinholds New Shapes