72: I finished “a” V6 (climber_t_field)

We welcomed Mr.Koji Toyoba from Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, one of the hottest places in Japan, to talk about How do you enjoy the rock climbing and the style, sharing experiences through a problem, anti-corona virus measures and current events.

Basically, like the recent episodes, it’s a long phone episode with less topics and just talking about what we want to talk about. I was planning to welcome old people, but the meeting turned out to be softer than I expected.

There are many ways to enjoy climbing, right? Diversity, once in a lifetime encounters, and the importance of experience are the basic premise of climbing. When no two rocks are the same is no longer the norm. The appeal of climbing is to take it one step further. We had a good talk.

A little episode of bouldering that doesn’t require a topo, Toyoba-san wrote about it on Twitter. Every word, a little further, a little deeper read Toyoba-san’s tweets that make you think, recommended to follow.