69: End-of-the-Year Chatter (Nerome)

A local climber from Yamanashi, Masa Nerome, is the guest on this episode.In the second half, we read a letter from him in the Grappa question box. I regret very much that I should have reversed the first and second halves of the event.

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Grappa Bouldring Gym

It has been a year that has made me think a great deal as I continue to work in the unique environment of transmitting words through radio.

As you can imagine, about 90% of the time I talk without thinking, but the remaining 10% or so I talk while imagining the feelings of the listener and what kind of person the listener is.
During the year when I was working remotely and communication became difficult, I felt that the ability to “imagine” someone on the other side, even though I couldn’t see them, was outstandingly important.

I also realized that, in fact, this ability to imagine the unseen was very important in my life and work, where I had been able to communicate. It’s not about reading the air, or making discoveries, it’s about compassion.

Starting in 2021, I will focus on compassion. So that we can make progress in a way that may not be apparent to you.

Thank you very much for listening to KONA Radio for 2020. (Hakase)