62: Tokyo Liquid (Tajippei / Joywall)

Kona radio with Mr. Tajima (@joywall14), owner of a long-established climbing gym in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture and the researcher for Tokyo Powder, to talk about training, Youtube, Garage Chalk, Future climbing areas, climbing gym, Kurume Gasuri and more. Thanks to the questions provided by the listeners, we had Skype for over two hours. Thank you very much.

Hakase and Tajippei ( Jan 2016 / OD Kokura, Fukuoka)

Tajima is a gym owner, tokyopowder researcher, climbing coach, climbing instructor, route setter, pioneer of develop climbing area, hard rock climber, writer for climbing magazines, and Youtuber who can also be found talking on kona radio.
I was hesitant to ask for this episode because he is famous and so talented now, but when I did, it was still the same. hahaha


・Joywall Fukuoka
・Training for youth team
・Training on a floor
・Hang board
・Garage Chalk
・Liquid Chalk

Question from listeners
3.Book and Shocyu
4.Tajima’s character
5.The history of climbing area in Kyusyu
6.Climbing holds

・Guideline for Virus
・The direction of Tajima’s love
・Recording by skype
・Kurume Gasuri