60: Matterhorn for the rest of your life(Ogawa/hoa-hoa.)

We were going to take podcast another episode with Mr. Ogawa who is owner of bouldering gym Hoa-Hoa in Fukuoka, and rep of La Sportiva, to tell us a lot of behind-the-scenes stories about La Sportiva that everyone would have been interested in, but most of them turned out to be small silly talk (much more interested…). I’m happy to have a really good friend. I’ll talk about shoes properly next time hehehe.

show note

Gym renovations
The relationship between Mitsuo and Mr. Ogawa
The gym was founded in 2007
Rep of La Sportiva
Left a iphone at home in Fukuoka and came to Tokyo
Net cut well
Invasion of the Matterhorn
Jigsaw puzzles and climbing
eyecandy Ivan called.
Work from home
SKWAMA released
Online shopping and communication
L.L. Bean
U.S. tour
Passion for innovation from Sportiva
P3 inside
A shoe disassembler
Professional self-restraint
Don’t have to work through the night
The Weather Channel
SIN’s memories on the beach in Fukuoka
List of radio stories

Bouldering gym hoa-hoa.
hoa-hoa. Online Store

Pazzle of the Matterhorn