Support for the Japanese athlete participating in the Paraclimbing

I have spoken directly with people on social media, podcasts and others, but no matter how much I criticize this matter, the situation doesn’t change.

Our athlete had the intention to participate in the World Championships, but due to a quick change in venue and schedule, it was becoming complicated.

I decided to provide direct financial support, after reading a post from the Paraclimbing Association of Japan on its Facebook page.

Even so, I don’t think it’s healthy to cover the travel expenses with donations. However, the situation is completely different this time. I don’t have a relationship with this association or any other, but I can’t stand aside this time.

Our representatives may otherwise miss the opportunity, and as a climber, you surely can understand the feeling of being deprived of something that you have been working so hard towards.

Why do we choose to help now? As a company committed to supporting this wonderful climbing culture, now is the time to support them.

Even though it’s just a little, I hope that there will be others who pitch in to support them.


Reprinted below from the Paraclimbing Association – facebook

[Diffusion request, request for support]
[Diffusion request, request for support]
The dates for the Paraclimbing World Championship have been revealed.
Venue France Briancon
Schedule July 16-17…
I think there are many people who already know,
Announcement from the Japan Mountain and Sports Climbing Association (JMSCA / Jimska) that the Para Climbing World Championship was scheduled for April 1st, 2019, will be held in August in Hachioji, Japan in July and will be held in France in July. it was done.
The athletes selected as paraclimbing representatives of Japan are not dedicated athletes, they are training themselves while working as adults, aiming to challenge the world championship. Due to this sudden change, some athletes selected for the Paraclimbing Japan National Team inevitably declined to participate due to reasons such as travel preparation, schedule adjustments, and insufficient funding.
The association wants to solicit donations because it is very difficult to secure funds for activities such as staff dispatch and player participation support.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but please contact us at the email address below.
We will contact you by email reply later.
Message from Koichiro Kobayashi, Vice President of Japan Paraclimbing Association
“The fact that the World Championship was announced one month ahead of schedule, and the venue was changed from Tokyo to France.
As an athlete, not only will the adjustment period be shortened, but what should I do with the work that adjusted the schedule?
Even if the schedule can be adjusted, how should we work on the travel expenses for the navigator and the full amount for two people again,
Under such circumstances, all Japanese players are confused as to how to maintain their motivation and concentrate on training for the tournament.
Thank you for your financial support so that players can concentrate on the competition. Paraclimbing Association-Japan-Para-Climbing-Association-JPCA-538220126563503 /