Reuse with emotion.

The reuse of bottles, a project started since the founding of Tokyo Powder, has had a new start this year, with the cooperation of dealers nationwide.

The REUSE plan for individuals continues to increase the novelty of the program. The collection store list will be updated in late April and is currently only for Japan.

Click here for bottle collection stores (Only in Japan)

Fun to reuse

We are planning to start selling reused bottle products during this fiscal year. The bottle will be reused with minimal cleaning, without removing scratches and dirt from the exterior, nor removing text written, stickers etc.

The bottle you use may be reused by another climber in the country, and one day you might receive the one you put back in circulation. Marks of achievements, footprints left by the other climbers, this journey of excitement could lead to strange encounters and miraculous climbing experiences.

What is inherited through this reuse program is something intangible – emotions that make up most of what is climbing culture.

Invisible things

Recently access problems, hurdles related to the Olympics, climbing gyms, social media usage – all focus on what is visible, forgetting the invisible underlying values that make up our culture.

For example, it could be the emotion when you see a rock, a feeling that can’t be expressed well in words, like being moved by the climbing of a stranger at the crag.

I want to leave a legacy where the next generation can have the same experience as I did. Whether in the gym or out climbing rocks. The same applies to the environment, where we preserve it so that the future generation can experience the same and have feelings of their own, like the beautiful cherry blossoms, without being trapped in the profit and losses and material things.

Environmental issues are often complex, there is always a debate between who is right and wrong. However, with emotions, and intangible things, there is almost none. They don’t remain in shape or space and time.

Even when talking about it, there is some variation. When you look back at the record of it, you don’t get the same impression. It’s a special thing that can only be shared by the person and in the moment by those around. Like topping out a boulder problem with those around you.

If we take a view that climbing problems, environmental problems and challenges that you are facing are all the same, then we can progress further and faster. Such as me wanting to climb a natural, beautiful climb beyond my limits, there is no visible value, but a strong emotion attached to it.

Climbers are people who share the joy of facing and crossing walls and barriers. WE at Tokyo Powder have various problems related to climbing, our raw materials, energy, plastic, transportation costs and other things. Every effort to face these problems are difficult, but it’s fun. And I want to share this same feeling with as many people as possible.

A Happy Message

Finally, just one.
There was a message in the bottle from one of our users who returned it.

The letter says” I used to buy packs, but felt uncomfortable with the empty packs that I used. However, after knowing about this reuse program, I started to buy only bottles. I think I was uncomfortable about throwing away the bag when it was used up. We support this activity to reuse bottles and reduce CO2 emissions”

Just this message alone, is a powerful reminder to why we should keep this program going.