100% Renewable Energy Source

100% renewable energy should have been our first step in establishing Tokyo Powder.

There are a lot of hurdles involved to use renewable energy to cover only the electrical consumption in the company’s operation. Carbon and other pollutants are emitted at the time of capital investment and production of equipment, as well as restrictions on recycling at the time of disposal, methods of production – all options the most suitable for our business activities and keeping costs low.

In February, we decided to receive power supply from a company called Renewable Power, which was established in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is one of the few power companies that are able to supply 100% renewable energy.

However, not all the electricity that is supplied for our factory is renewable. 50% of the total supply comes from solar, wind and small hydroelectric plants, but the other remaining energy is supplied by general electric utilities. To offset this, we purchase non-fossil certificates to realize our goal of 100% renewable energy.

Although the power is not generated in house, we regard this as a positive choice. By supporting these renewable energy companies, we explore what is possible to form a truly sustainable business.

The business and social landscape has changed dramatically over the past 4- 5 years, and by dealing with these challenges, we are able to eliminate the primary concerns. I moved from just thinking about it, to acting about it. Tokyo Powder will become a 100% renewable energy and 100% sustainable business.

Natural power generation