Route Setting: #1 Think Deeply

This is Mitsuo Yamamoto, route setter myself and founder of Tokyo Powder.
I put up my first hold in a commercial gym 13 years ago, and I’m fortunate to have gained a lot of experience through setting. With my advancement as a setter, I helped to conduct courses, and in order to give better explanation and guidance, I compiled the details of setting into sentences and documents so that I could systematically re-examine my knowledge and thoughts.

Climbing skills, route setting skills, words and common expressions used in discussions, quality of problems or lines, the effect of it, setting environment, training environment, organization – these are all part and parcel of route setting. These elements can’t be measured numerically, so I don’t have a scale at which it can be judged or evaluated in that manner. But, I would like to share my experience and knowledge with as many people as possible to help route setters grow.

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New BLACK Large Pack used recycled PET material

The BLACK LARGE pack has been changed to a package using recycled PET materials.

The goal of increasing the bottle reuse rate remains the same. However, the reality is that pack products are sold more. While making bottle reuse the primary goal, we must reduce the damage that can be done to the package as naturally as possible.

black large

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